Our mission

At Macle Institute, our mission is to help our students improve their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in the language of their choice (English, French, Spanish or German).

We accomplish this by ensuring that our teachers use the most advanced and effective teaching methods advocated by the Common European Framework, including the use of an action-oriented and communicative approach to prepare students for real-life situations.

Our students complete tasks and activities in class that simulate real-world, everyday situations – situations that would happen just like they would if the student was traveling or living abroad for work, school, or pleasure. In this way, our students are able to practice their language skills and apply what they’ve learned in meaningful, real-world contexts instead of trying to learn using outdated, ineffective, passive teaching methods such as lecturing students, requiring them to memorize lists of vocabulary words, and using drilling.

On the other hand, we also utilize pedagogical sequences – i.e., each class is related to the next. We think that it is very important for students to master each topic before moving on to more advanced topics – we accomplish this by reviewing the topics from previous classes and including them in future classes because studies have shown that repetition is a very powerful learning tool.

In addition, students improvise dialogues about their lives, engage in conversations, and do role-play exercises with their classmates in order to practice their speaking and listening skills for real-life situations.

Carolina Ojeda

  Academic Director

  Master in Education and Training, DALF, PRO FLE, TKT

Learning a language was the best decision of my life. Several years ago, I went to France, and I learned French and learned about French culture.I traveled all over Europe – I ate delicious food, and I got paid in euros which allowed me to stay in France for several years. I met new people from all over the world, including my husband. During this time, I decided to live out my dream of starting a private language institute to give people the same opportunities and enjoy the same experiences that I had.

I started my teaching career in 2013 – I taught French in public and private universities in Mexico. After teaching French in Mexico for a few years, I decided to apply for a scholarship as a Spanish foreign language assistant in France. Later, I obtained a master’s degree in education and training in Montpellier where I worked as a Spanish teacher in a public high school.

The great education and incredible experiences that I had in France has given me the opportunity to share the knowledge that I acquired with students and colleagues here in Mexico – especially my knowledge of the teaching methodologies used by the Council of Europe and my exceptional management skills.