Experienced teachers dedicated to your success

Cecilia Carvallo

  PhD in Modern Letters

Cecilia is a Spanish teacher who taught Spanish at a high school before finishing her PhD and teaching linguistics at a very prestigious university in Mexico. She has also taught Spanish as a foreign language online. All of her students love her classes, and she has helped many students obtain the DELE certification. Cecilia is very passionate about teaching – especially about the nuances of the Spanish language and Latin American culture.

Paul Henri Eche

  Master in Spanish-French Translation and PRO FLE

Paul is a native French speaking teacher and interpreter who has been living and teaching in Mexico for more than 20 years, and he speaks Spanish and English fluently. Paul has a great sense of humor, and he has a very dynamic teaching style. During his classes, he will explain the meaning and origin of many useful words and expressions.. He is very passionate about literature, and he is an expert in history. He has traveled around the world, and he loves to learn new languages, including Japanese. Also, you will be impressed by his exceptional drawing skills when he draws on the virtual blackboard!

Arturo Silva

  Master in Teaching English as a Foreign Language and TKT.

Arturo is an experienced English teacher who started his teaching career in 2012.Arturo is 100% dedicated to teaching, and he has made a very successful transition to teaching online by using special techniques to facilitate group conversations and activities during his classes. He loves to teach English grammar and vocabulary in the context of interesting topics such as current events, and he likes to use authentic materials, including news articles and videos to have dynamic, interactive group discussions. Also, he likes to play songs during his classes to teach grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. He will also explain the cultural differences that exist amongst Mexico, the U.S., and the U.K. since he has lived in all three countries.

Emmanuel Morales

  Certificate in language teaching and electronic engineering.

Emmanuel is an English and German teacher with 18 years of experience who has certifications in both languages at a C1 level. He lived in Germany for several years where he studied German. He worked as a translation assistant at the German embassy and has taught English and German at different high schools and universities. He is the ideal teacher to learn languages from a beginner to advanced level in a relaxed but structured learning environment. He can even teach you about engineering because he has a lot of knowledge about it.